Top 7 Basic Learning Motivation Techniques to Apply

Learning Motivation Techniques: Are you a student? Or are you currently in need of some sort of motivation to start learning new things or go back to reading and studying your books? This article might help, we have made for you, some learning motivation techniques you can apply to help you rejuvenate the academic side of you.

Top 7 Basic Learning Motivation Techniques to Apply

With school resubmission on the way, you will really need a learning motivation to set you back on track and set your mind straight. Enough with the flexing! LOL… Learning is self-initiated, but it must be aided by motives.

What is Learning Motivation?

After our different comprehensive research made, below are some of the definition that best describes what learning motivation is, and how it can of positive influence on you.

  1. Driving influences from internal (intrinsic) or external (extrinsic) forces give students the power to learn effectively. Teachers are the best source of motivation in the teaching-learning interaction.
  2. Processes that give rise to energy and direction for learning engagement.

Motivation has a direct impact on how an individual learns. The effects of motivation are normally far-reaching because it increases an individual’s;

  • Energy level
  • Determines the persistence in reaching a specific goal
  • Affects the types of learning techniques used
  • And an individual’s thinking processes.

Basic Learning Motivation Techniques

Moreover, it is essential to continue finding the learning motivation to expand your knowledge base. Here is a few learning motivation to encourage you to go back to the reading ways and study your book.

1. Set Target and Remind Yourself Of Your Goals

Before the vacation you set goals, targeted achievements and successes you planned on attaining. Now you are on vacation please checking on where you are in your ‘life plan.’ You need to determine if you are on track to meet the goals you’ve set.

You should evaluate those goals against your personal growth, and revise them as necessary. As you appraise your status or note changes, you should naturally find motivation for pursuing learning activities that can help you to stay on track or get caught up, so you meet your objectives.

2. Associate Yourself with People in Your Line of Study

You remember that saying. “Like minds think alike.” Associate yourself with people who have the same interest as you. So they will help you grow. Even when you are slacking on studying your book, they are always there to remind you.

Also, allow networking involvement with groups. This aid you surround yourself with people and information that will motivate you to increase your knowledge as it relates to your bases of interest.

3. Reward Yourself

Sometimes, if you cannot find any inspiration or motivation to learn, well, you may have to force yourself to learn through incentives. Reward yourself at different intervals.

That is after you might have achieved a set goal, on how many chapters you would want to cover for the day. Set up a learning plan with a reward system and post it in a location where you have to look at it every day.

4. Watch Success Inspirational Videos/Podcasts

4. Watch Success Inspirational Videos/Podcasts

Now I’m not saying you should go and read any motivational books, because that could get boring. Just in your spare time, just go on YouTube, there are many learning motivation that can help you.

Just as you use inspirational broadcasts and messages to lift your mood, you can use them to inspire you to learn, grow, and achieve.

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5. Keep a Positive Vibe

When it comes to learning, always keep a positive vibe, never use the word “I don’t feel like it.” So what does feeling like it have to do with learning? Also, if you are sluggish and unhappy, you are not likely to have a desire to do anything, let alone embark on a learning endeavour.

When your spirit is elevated, and your body feels exhilarated, you will more likely be open to seeking challenges – both physically and mentally. As a result, learning motivation and experiences will come naturally.

6. Make Choices

Choices you make will always get to define you, focus on your need to direct your life as you see fit. You wish to live where you want to and how you want to go on vacation wherever you want to and retire when you choose to.

All these choices you want to make all started with you making a choice to wanting to learn. Also, as you remind yourself that controlling and guiding your life is dependent on your economic situation, your knowledge of society, its rules and laws, and your personal choices.

You will find that education (formal or informal) is a critical element in gaining and maintaining power over your circumstances. The realization of the potential that learning can provide should encourage and motivate you to seek more such opportunities.

7. Learning Tools Helps

7. Learning Tools Helps

To maintain your learning motivation and increase your knowledge in multiple areas and subject matter, you have to recognize that school is not the only arena or vehicle for acquiring education. Look for other learning methods; read, attend seminars, participate in online discussions, meet with networking teams.

You may sometimes lose learning motivation because you sometimes associate learning to a building or the formality of tests and exams. Open your mind to seeking new information through untraditional methods. The key is to increase knowledge; how you do, it is up to you.


Don’t stop learning! Don’t stop learning! Again I say don’t stop learning e get why..!

What’s your take on this? Also, if you have any other learning motivation you will like to share, you can use the comment box below.

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