Dust (An Anthology Publication) – Barnabas Ekpima

Dust (An Anthology Publication) – Barnabas Ekpima

Dust (An Anthology Publication) – Barnabas Ekpima

…dust…- At age 17, I reeked of depression.

Everything I could relate with had some form of sadness to it; from the music I listened to, to the kind of girls I fell in love with, it would interest you to know my first poem was an offspring of depression.

I suffered inferiority complex, suicidal tendencies, and immoral addictions among many other things I can’t even place names on.

2019, March 2 (my birthday), for once, I fell in love with someone that had no stench of sadness; Christ. Several other things happened that night, that’s a story for another book but one that was remarkable was that of a man who testified of how God drank his tea.

Yes, it was that funny. That real! From then on till now, I’ve been on the path of righteousness and it’s been quite a journey.

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I have thought of several ways to write a preview of this book without sounding like a fanatic but I can’t help it. I’m first a Christian, then a poet.

“…dust.” is a compilation of poems, musings and inspiring anecdotes (15 in all) with OfemUbi, Akpa-Esu Promise, Splendor Victor, and the Bible as contributors; Foreword by Author of Another Kind of boy, Akaniyene Akpan.

I have grown to love God and I feel no one should be ashamed of his love, because really “we didn’t choose Him, He chose us.”

This book is an offspring of love. Shall we?

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YLS Team, Barnabas Ekpima.

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