5 Key Decision Making Techniques You Can Apply Today

Decision-Making Techniques: At one point in our life, we have all had one tough decision to make. And after you have made that decision, the moment after is the result. For unlucky fellows, the decision you made comes back hunting you. While for most, you might have already mastered the art of decision making.

5 Key Decision Making Techniques You Can Apply Today

With an unfortunate result, comes a moment where you will get to doubt your potentials. Thereby, giving you some sought of low self-esteem. In this article, we have made available for you, decision-making techniques that will help you when you are almost at a tipping point.

Basic Decision-Making Techniques

Before moving forward let’s get to know “what is decision making?”

Decision Making refers to a process by which individuals select a particular course of action among several alternatives to produce the desired result. In simple English, it is the ability to select a particular option out of plenty of other option.

Reasons for decision making:

  • Uncertainty– Many of the facts may be unknown or unclear.
  • Complexity– There can be many, interrelated factors to consider.
  • High-risk consequences– The impact of the decision may be significant.
  • Alternatives– There may be various alternatives, each with its own set of uncertainties and consequences.
  • Interpersonal issues– You need to predict how different people will react.

Here are the best decision-making techniques for youths you can always rely on anytime any day

1. Using Pros and Cons Table

It’s a quick table you can always use anytime anywhere. On the “Pros” side you give reasons why you want to do something or why you need to get that particular item. Then on the “Cons” side, you give reasons why you shouldn’t. Compare the both then you should be certain now of what to do.

The Twist

However, you might be able to think of 10 “pro” reasons you should attend that party or get a new cloth, but if “I have nowhere to live,” is on the con side that should hold more weight. This is why science has recommended using a value-based approach to these lists.

Firstly, write down what you want to do. Then, make a list you want to do it and why you don’t want to. Then, to every point give is a score base on how important it is to you, like 0-5. So the better reason “why you should” or “why you shouldn’t make that decision” weighs higher.

Once you have assigned each reason, a “weight” some up both sides and multiply it by 100. You have now taken the logic of the pros and cons and weighted it with your emotions. This will help you make a more concrete decision, or validate a decision.

2. Thinking beyond the Dogma (Outside the Box)

2. Thinking beyond the Dogma (Outside the Box)

As youths, we tend to think in dogma or one-way term. When it comes to decisions, we like to think the answers are simple: black or white? But life is full of many shades of grey, not to mention a slew of other colours!

If you will think beyond this, then you will get to see the world differently. Also, you will get to see you have plenty of options better than what you were considering right now.

Non Dogma thinking looks different from how you have been taught to think most of your life, but with practice and creativity, you can make some of the best decisions.

3. Patience is Always the Key

If you have noticed, a big part of my decision-making missteps has been because you want something right now. Sometimes, even when you know a decision is the right one, the timing might not be correct.

So basically, patience is always the key.

4. Avoid Following the Crowd

This one is quite tricky. Sometimes, we get comfortable with the way things are or how everyone else is doing something. So that may influence our decision making. Just make up your mind to avid following the crowd.

We may put off a decision that we have weighed thoughtfully, out of fear that it is quite different from popular opinion. And then the opportunity passes.

Not deciding and allowing the opportunity to pass you by is still making a decision. If you do this all the time, you will miss out on the chance to affect your life.

5. Take the Bull by the Horn

5. Take the Bull by the Horn

Just do it! You can write out a value-based pros and cons list, research your options, embrace non-binary thinking, be patient, and decide. After all that, it may not work out as planned. You might feel like you chose the wrong thing.

However, anytime you use these decision-making techniques to decide something, you learn a lesson and gain something.

These skills and experiences will help you decide things in the future. Aligning your choices with your values will always be worth it, even if you think you have made a misstep. Just do it!


Not every choice will have the desired outcome you desire, and you will occasionally make a ‘wrong’ decision. Don’t be afraid of the fear of going wrong and the what-if game will only keep you from experiencing your true potential. To every decision comes a lesson to be learnt.

What’s your take on this? Also, if you have any other decision-making techniques you will like to share, you can use the comment box below or you have questions to ask.

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