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Mistakes to Avoid At Your Youthful Age: In our society today, we might have come across some of our elderly ones dancing with the phrase “Oh! If I had known I would have done this better” Or “if I had known I would have lived a better life.” This is because of the mistakes they had made in their youthful age.

The youthful age is a time when You Only Live Once (YOLO). So we need to live our lives with utmost caution and at the same time enjoy it to the fullest. In this article, we have made available for you some of the 7 basic mistakes to avoid at your youthful age that you should avoid.

7 Basic Mistakes to Avoid At Your Youthful Age | Avoid Living in Regret

What is the Youthful Age?

The youthful age is that time of life when one is young, vibrant and filled with so much life and energy. This often means the time between childhood and adulthood (maturity).

It is also defined as the appearance of freshness, vigour, spirit, etc. That is, exhibiting the characteristic of one who is young.

Youthful age range varies, as youthfulness is not defined chronologically. It is a stage that cannot be tied to a specific age range; nor can its end point be linked to particular activities, such as taking unpaid work or having sexual relations.

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Much as this lifestyle has its perks, it also has a lot of downsides. Youths because of this belief lose track of time and bam!! They see themselves at the age of 40; depressed, jobless, unhappy, have no direction for their life, etc.

7 Basic Mistakes to Avoid At Your Youthful Age

Certain mistakes were made by our fathers, which I believe they would want to change if only they could turn back the hands of time (unfortunately they are no doctor strange and they can’t go to him for help either lol!)

Before you get to that stage of regret, I am here to point my invisible flashlight at those things I believe you already know will lead to your ruin (now that was harsh, pardon me but somebody has got to be real with you).

The basic mistakes to avoid at your youthful age include;

  1. Not Having a Backup Plan
  2. Risk-Taking
  3. Wrong Financial Decision
  4. Giving up
  5. Failure to Develop Yourself
  6. Remaining In Unhealthy Relationships
  7. Time-Wasting Activities

1. Not Having a Backup Plan

This is mostly experienced by college students. Yes! You are in school but don’t forget that the real world is waiting to suck your life source from you in the form of disappointments.

For those whose parents are middle class or below middle class, your parents can only go the distance to ensure you complete your degree. The rest is left to you.

Now for those whose parents are very well to do and with all the connections, you still shouldn’t slack in making your own money. There is a saying that we value things more when it’s ours than when it’s for someone else. So yes! Have a backup plan for yourself.

2. Risk-Taking


The youthful age is a time when you can start up so many things. Do not be afraid to start that business or learn that trade.

Take risks now that you can because a time will come when there will be ‘no time’ for such risk-taking.

3. Wrong Financial Decision

This affects literally all youths, no exceptions even those who do that thing they call ‘budgeting’. We are young so there is always a tendency for making a wrong financial decision. Wrong financial decisions like; getting into debt and careless spending are mistakes we often make.

Nobody likes being in debt. I personally see no reason why I should accumulate more debts for myself when I don’t have a Bill Gate somewhere to clear up all of my debt.

The one rule I now follow is that if I am not able to pay for something doesn’t mean I can’t afford it. So mentally, I do all the calculations and ask myself if can I afford this thing at the moment? If I can, I go for it but if I can’t, it becomes a later something (note I have the money at hand but at the moment, it is better off going for something else).

Careless spending should really be avoided. Instead, invest that money you would use to get the latest iPhone whereas you already have the previous “latest model” into something else; a business or something productive in the long run. You and I know more “latest models” will keep coming so why waste your money when it can be used to bring in more money for you by investing?

4. Giving up

There is a popular saying that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. This should be internalized by you. I mean you.

Do not give up when it seems like all the elements put by your ‘village people’ are at work. I know it’s hard but with constant practice, it becomes a part and parcel of you.

Imagine how many times Michael Faraday, Albert Einstein, and the likes had tried before becoming what they are known for today. I am sure your amount of failure cannot be equated to the amount of time they failed, so why give up?

5. Failure to Develop Yourself

For most youths, their identity revolves around that set up by the friends they keep. They don’t really know who they are, their strength and weakness, etc.

These friends would one day get on with their lives and you will be left ‘alone in the real sense of the word. So before that happens, try to make an identity for yourself. Know your likes and dislikes, strength, weakness, etc.

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6. Remaining In Unhealthy Relationships

Much as I love to ‘love’ and I am sure you do too, I try to ensure that the relationships I keep are healthy ones. Yes! There is always that one person who controls your ‘mumu button’ and you feel like, without them, life will be meaningless (I hope you don’t get shocked).

Ensure that the relationship is not hurting you or straining you physically or emotionally.

Now unhealthy relationships are toxic whether romantic, friendship or whatever. If you find yourself in such, the earlier you leave the better. I have told you now, so don’t go blaming ‘village people’ when you get so entangled and can’t leave.

7. Time-Wasting Activities

Time-Wasting Activities

I love relaxing vis-à-vis chilling with my friends either by us going to that party or just hanging out in the room and having a good time, chatting on social media, reading novels or writing.

Now, I ensure that even with all this, I don’t abandon the necessary things I have to do like study, assignments, fellowship, amongst others.

I have learned to prioritize and know when I should do more important things instead of wasting my time. This is a very important thing- prioritizing. Have fun (nobody came to suffer in this life) but learn to know when you should pause, play, fast forward, back forward, etc just like a remote control does.


As youths, we are prone to make mistakes and these mistakes definitely have a way of making us better nevertheless. Some of these mistakes may not haunt us now but it can come in future when we don’t expect it. I just feel it is best avoided now that you can.

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